Flex for Strength.

Falten & Balance. Join To Origami your body!

Listen to your body. Make Yourself a Light.

Flex for strength

Dreidimensionales dynamisches und statisches Dehnen in alle Richtungen in Kombination mit Balance lässt deinen Körper stark, flexibel und geschmeidig werden.

Flex for Strength ist eine Mischung aus klassischem Dehnen, Kung Fu Flexibilität-Training, Shaolin Balance, Yin Yoga und Qi Gong.


  • Flexibilität

  • Balance

  • Mobilität

  • Koordination

  • Bewegung

  • Kraft

  • Atem

  • Achtsamkeit

  • Entspannung

  • Regeneration


  • Dynamisches Dehnen

  • Statisches Dehnen

  • Dreidimensionales Dehnen

Find joy in what you are doing.
Lisa Ramstein
I can show you THE WAY. Walking you need yourself.


Leichte Turnschuhe, langärmliges Shirt und lange Trainingshose.


Offen für alle.



wanna know more?

What is Yin Yoga? Yin Yoga, also know as Chinese Yoga, is a relaxed yoga style that follows the priciples of Yin based on the philosophy of Yin and Yang.

In a meditative state of mind, passive and receptive, you hold one pose for at least 3 minutes. You keep your awareness inside of you, you observe the change of the stretch and the constant change of sensation. You are training the capacity to listen to your body. You work with gravity by letting go into the stretch.

The essence of Yin is to find stillness and peace, unlock body parts and let the energy flow.

The benefit of Yin Yoga is deep relaxation and long lasting flexibility.

Lisa teaches you in a playful, joyful way how to train your body, mind and heart by bringing the light of awareness into your cosmos.

Let your light shine.
Lisa Ramstein
Lisa Ramstein